Undercover Social Media Investigations Course

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Length: 2 Days (15 hours)

This 2-day course teaches law enforcement professionals how to actively engage and investigate individuals utilizing social media as a means to commit criminal activity. Yellowstone Narcotics instructors were the very first individuals in Montana to utilize this technique for drug investigations at the state level. Our instructors have developed these techniques over the past five years and now instruct this course in multiple states. Our investigative methods are proven to be legal, effective, and simple to understand.

Students can expect to leave this course and be fully capable of employing these techniques immediately upon graduation. In this course, you will learn how to set up undercover accounts online, best practices, legal issues, and be provided multiple real life case examples of previous investigations. If you are not currently operating online, our course will teach you why you should be. This course has previously been presented to the Montana Division of Criminal Investigation, Idaho State Police, North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigations, and the Montana Narcotics Officers Association.

7 reviews for Undercover Social Media Investigations Course

  1. Justin Ellis

    Fantastic class. Valuable information that I can use and put to work day 1 of stepping out of the class. Exposes you to so many untapped potential cases that not many people are working! Having the real world cases and examples, backed up by what the case law rulings are, really blended everything in great.

  2. GFlo, Montana Investigator

    If no one at your agency is doing social media investigations, this class is a great jumping off point. Covers all necessary topics, including how to setup legally viable undercover accounts, other legal challenges, policy, and operational planning.

    I started the course with just a general knowledge of how these investigations work…now I understand how to use a social media account/presence to bring the criminals to me.

    If your agency already does have investigators looking at social media and they are not formally trained or you don’t have relevant policy, this class will help you correct issues you might be aware of and issues you may not even be aware of.

    Easily one of the most practical classes I’ve ever taken. Also think the class would be great for the brass or anyone writing their agency’s policy and for prosecutors too!

    Not many 16-hour classes out there like this one which take you from the entry level to ready-to-make-cases.

  3. MJB

    Pavlicek’s experience and knowledge on the subject matter is readily apparent. He is highly motivating and his instruction style is entertaining. Highly recommended course.

  4. AJR

    Great class and Pavlicek was very informative on the subject. I immediately started utilizing his training and have a lot of promising leads.

  5. Ryan Ketchum

    Great class.

  6. Aaron R

    Pavlicek’s class, and the method he uses to teach is fantastic. He was great at providing examples of methods he used, and the results for those cases. Truly an enjoyable two-day class.

  7. R. S.

    Great class! Pavlicek was very knowledgeable about the subject and explained the topics well. Highly recommended this course.

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